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Hey! I'm Jess – an experience designer, educator and all-round playful human. 

I love taking ordinary, mundane experiences and transforming them into novel, playful and memorable quotidian delights. I draw on a menagerie of creative modalities – print design, branding, illustration and UI/UX design – to craft dynamite user experiences.

My work currently centres around play, specifically playful methods of engaging end-users with wicked design problems. I work predominantly in the healthcare industry, exploring creative and provocative methods of Participatory Design to collectively imagine the future of healthcare. This playful and exploratory approach naturally extends to my practice as a UX designer and educator. Ultimately, I'm in search of any and all experiences that are impactful, idiosyncratic and infectiously playful. 

QUT IVD Graduate Exhibition

Branding + Print Design Manager

Ars Electronica Festival

'Teaching City' project

Creative Director


Associate Lecturer + Unit coordinator


Graphic Designer


UX + Graphic Designer


Sessional Tutor

QUT ARC Toolkit Project

Lead Graphic + UI/UX Designer

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