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QUT CI Dean’s Research Seminar

print design

The Queensland University of Technology (QUT) Creative Industries faculty required the creation of an interactive e-book and print publication to showcase the research it conducts within its various research areas (Creative and Performing Arts, Media, and Design), including works presented at the Dean’s Research Seminar Poster Event in 2015. The three research areas needed some form of visual representation, each with a cover indicating the start of their respective section. The cover of the overall publication needed to encompass these research areas, and would ideally incorporate the signature fuchsia colour adopted by the CI faculty.


The chosen visual concept was based on the letters ‘C’ and ‘I’ of Creative Industries, creating shapes from these letters that would overlap with transparency to produce three colour areas – one representing each research area. Three shapes were also drawn from this visual to further brand and identify the research areas. The 173 projects were sorted into their respective sections, and each assigned a custom page layout determined by the size of the image provided and the amount of text submitted by the artist.




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