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Intergenerational Park Guidelines

print design 

The Intergenerational Park Guidelines were developed in partnership with QUT, the National Wellness Institute of Australia, the Heart Foundation, Playscape Creations, Conrad Gargett and Moreton Bay Regional Council. The project explored all of the ways in which public parks can create opportunities for intergenerational activities – spaces for everyone, regardless of age, ability or cultural background. The team worked intimately with the Moreton Bay Regional Council, as well as park-goers, experts and stakeholders, to collaboratively design the guidelines. I was brought on by the team in the final stages to attend a workshop with the stakeholder group to understand their aspirations for the guidelines and design the final document – a 148 page document detailing the process, findings, recommendations and design ideas informed by the rich collaborative process. The visual design needed to speak to the playful context, while at the same time representing the academic rigour of the findings and emphasis on collaboration.


the process

The three initial visual concepts for the project were largely illustrative, exploring different styles that included a foray into low-poly 3D illustration in Blender, crayon textures and abstract typographic vector art. All three concepts explore the connection between three generations, whether through tangled intersecting paths, triplet forms or layered shapes. The team ultimately felt that the guidelines should be more photo-heavy, so the style pivoted to something minimal, bold and abstract to compliment the gorgeous park imagery. 



concept2 copy.png



concept3 copy.png

style exploration


the outcome

The design of the final guidelines was a highly iterative and collaborative process, landing on a style that was abstract, typographic and playful. The team wanted to avoid illustrations that were overly literal, combining concepts 2 and 3 above. The colour palette gives a nod to nature to compliment the gorgeous images of lush green parks, while also packing some punch. The title pages for each section set the tone for the document, while more content-rich pages are broken up by photographs of inspirational parks.

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