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Healthy Mouth, Happy Smile

illustration + animation

‘Happy mouth, healthy smile’ was a video created in collaboration with Metro North Mental Health Services and the University of Queensland to promote oral hygiene to mental health patients. Dental health issues are prevalent among the mentally ill, and the opportunity to create this video provided the challenge of presenting vital information through approachable, engaging and easily digested visuals, combined with the use of clear and simple language (excluding dentist “jargon”).

Contributors: Anthony Chung, Leslie Le, Germaine Lee + Susan Patterson


The making of

I chose to create the video in a playful, psuedo-stop motion format, through the combination of thousands of illustration files in sequential order. My role was to conceptualise the video, produce all of the required illustrations, and animate the entire video (nearly ten minutes in length) with respect to the script provided by contributors. The final video employs bright colours, non-offensively playful illustrative elements and supporting captions to delight and engage the viewer while waiting to receive mental health and/or dental health services.

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